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Our core team of technical wizards began writing encrypted databases and specialty software in the mid 1980s to protect sensitive data for a few commercial clients.

We first began providing professional online data services to businesses, financial institutions, and medical facilities in 1997, very soon after the Internet came into commercial use. Several members of our initial group have been working together and programming for us since 1996.

We curently provide a variety of online data services and software, but our specialty and main focus is on information security. All of our work is done in house in the US, and all of our servers are located in the US. We do not outsource any of our programming.

Our online data services include . . .

DataProcessing.com - online and active since 1997 -
Online secure databases, polls, forms creation, input and backup services for business clients.

MortgageProcessing.com - online and active since 1997 -
Online mortgage processing and forms creation service for Mortgage Bankers.

SecureHIPAA.com - online and active since 2000 -
Provides HIPAA compliant patient data storage to physicians, hospitals, and other types of health care entities.

DigitalArchivingServices.com - online and active since 2001 -
Data storage for business clients.

SecurePatientRegistration.com - online and active since 2003 -
A service for independent health care professionals and hospitals which allows patients to complete their New Patient Information forms online and securely transmit the data to their doctor's office prior to the appointment.

SecureFamilyRecords.com - online and active since 2008 -
This is a multifaceted online program designed for individuals and families to organize and safeguard personal data.

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